How to Wrap Kitchen Worktops

Looking to modernize your kitchen worktops but don't want the hassle and cost of replacing? 

Now you can with our highly durable vinyl wraps that come in over 100 finishes!

It's a process that can take as little as a few hours. And you’re left with a stylish new look whether its our marble, concrete or wood finishes.



Once you make the decision on what style you would like it is time to get to work. If the countertop has any chips or bumps it's best to repair it with a suitable filler or sand it down.

Like paint it is best to clean it using some hot soapy water or strong detergent solution and make sure you get all areas including under the edge and ends. Thoroughly rinse off all residue before allowing the surface to dry. 

If you have a hob or sink it would be best to remove this if possible. If not you might have to join the wrap with a small overlap which is not that noticeable. 



Now its time to wrap, make sure you have your Squeegee and Blade along with your heatgun ready. No heatgun, no problem, a hairdryer is a descent alternative. 

Now cut the vinyl to size allowing some excess for the the underlap and edges. Line up the straight part of the vinyl which is normally the uncut edge against the back wall. Now you can peel of the backing paper by about 20cm and bend it backwards. Make sure the vinyl is lined up with the wall/backsplash and stick the vinyl on the end of the worktop and squeegee it down. 

Now you can pull the paperback off from underneath and use your other hand to squeegee the vinyl down and remove any trapped air bubbles. Do this until you get to the other end of the worktop and all the vinyl is laid down on the top. 

You can now pull the vinyl down around the front of the countertop and go as far as possible underneath as this will help the look but also secure it. Make a cut where needed on the corners to fold down the ends if needed. 

To finish just use a bit of heat around the corners, edges or curves to set the vinyl and just like that you have a modern, clean worktop for a fraction of the price of replacing.