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Decorating with ease, no mess, no stress

Have you ever wondered how you can get a premium finish on a surface that would not be possible with paint! We did too! That's why we have come together with top interior designers and colour consultants to come up with over 100 unique finishes and colours in an architectural wrapping vinyl. 

How do they work do you ask? Our self adhesive vinyl's are easy to use and come with an Air Drain on the adhesive to allow for a bubble free finish. 

Don't be fooled

You may think you have seen these before for sale in your local DIY store and while they have the same principle objective as contact paper you can easily see and feel the difference between a wrap and contact paper. Think of our wraps as more of a flexible durable laminate. 

Wrap vs paint

One of the many advantages of vinyl wrap has over paint is you will always get a perfect finish, no brushed strokes, no patches, just a solid colour which will make your project look like it came from the factory when finished. And not only do our solid colours look great you can achieve finishes you never dreamt of from our fabric effect to our concretes. So while paint is great and has many uses, just imagine what kind of finishes you could achieve with one of our wraps.