Check out some of our tips for measuring Kitchens, Worktops, Tables and Wardrobes for Interior Vinyl Wrapping.

How to Measure Kitchen Cabinets for wrapping

The easist way to measure your Kitchen Cabinet Doors for vinyl wrapping is to measure from one end to the other and using this length as your total amount plus 10% for overlaps on the doors. This measurement should be applied for the top units and the lower units separately so if you have a kitchen that runs 5 meters in length but you have top and bottom units then you would need 10 meters in total plus 10% extra.

The above advice is great for someone not used to measuring up ktichens as you wont be left short as the rolls come in a minimum width of 1.22 meters (4ft) and the standard height on most kitchen doors are only 80cm (32''). Also dont get caught out with end panels and kickboards and always allow extra for these too.

How to Measure your kitchen worktop for vinyl wrapping

When measuring your worktop for vinyl wrapping just get the tape out and measure from one end to the other and this will be the total needed. Also allow an extra 15cm (6inch) on each end for overlapping of the film. It's best to measure along the back of your worktop especially if you have corner or U shaped worktops.

The miniumum width of our rolls are 1.22 meters (4ft) so this will cover most widths of worktops and kitchen islands.

You can also use this method to measure your backsplash. Matching the worktops and backsplashes is definitly on trend at the moment.

How to measure your kitchen table for vinyl Wrapping.

Most of our rolls come in a 1.22 meter (4ft) width which is normally enough to cover most widths of kitchen tables. So when measuring all you need to do is measure the length of the table and then go for the next size up on our length options. Also allow 10cm (4inch) on each end for overlapping the vinyl under the table.

How to Measure a Wardrobe for Vinyl Wrapping

When measuring wardrobes for interior vinyl wrapping it's best to measure from top to bottom and then go for the next size up of our available lengths. The width of our rolls are a minimum of 1.22 meters (4ft) so this width will generally cover 2 wardobe doors but it's best to measure the width just in case and always allow for overlapping 5-10cm on the doors too.