What is Architectural Vinyl Wrap?

While this product has been on the market for many years it has only started to take off in Europe and North America in recent times due to people moving towards a more sustainable way of living. It has been widely popular in the Asian market where it has been used to modernize hotels and commercial settings without the need for an expensive refurbishment which would see the business close for renovations. Now it's time to introduce this product to the Professional and DIY consumer market where it has 1000's of applications in the home or office.

So what's the difference between Architectural Wrap and Contact Paper? 

This is the number one question we get. You may be familiar with the rolls of decorative sticky contact paper you can buy in your local hardware shop like the DC Fix brand, while these would have the same principal as our vinyl wraps they are a completely different material. They are called contact paper as that is usually how thick they are, like a sheet of paper.

Our Architectural Vinyl wraps are a Calendared Polymeric Film which means they are more akin to a laminate that you would find on your kitchen cupboards or furniture. Most of our vinyl's are over 3 times thicker than contact paper and also stretchable, heat, water, scratch resistant making them much more durable and easier to fit. This is why most of the vinyls in our range can even be used on busy worktops.

kitchen wrap vinyl blue navy

Why use Architectural Vinyl Wraps instead of Paint? 

Well you would never get the clean smooth finish that one of our Matte or Gloss solid colours would give you nor can you paint a finish like one of our textured realistic Woods, Marbles or Concretes. You don't get the mess associated with painting and you can wrap one object at a time meaning no need for shutting down the whole room or office. 

reception desk wrap wood vinyl

So now you know a little more about, why not order some samples to see and feel it, they are available on each product page just under the description.